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Welcome to the new look! (2015)

03 April 2015

Well, it's been 4 years since I updated the look and feel of the site, so it was long overdue for a refresh. The last time the site relaunched, it was running Joomla 1.7 and now Joomla is up to version 3.4 at the time of publishing this article. Joomla really is continuing to evolve superbly.

Once more I've used a superb theme from the folks at YOOtheme, as well as their superb WidgetKit component. Interestingly as I use Joomla more and more, I find myself using less and less extensions to enhance a site. When I think back to the days when I established New Zealand's largest Mac website ( it ran using Joomla with well over a dozen extensions installed. Partly as a result of Joomla's advance, but also knowing that sites don't have to be complex administratively to look and feel superb, this site makes use of only 4 extensions.

I hope you enjoy looking around the new site. Please take time to explore. For those of you interested in Joomla development, you can learn a bit about the tools I used to build the site under the "About" section.


Philip Roy