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Notes on Mac OS X Lion

27 July 2011

After almost a week of using Lion I confess I'm not enjoying it as much as I thought I would. I'm wishing I had stuck with Snow Leopard in many ways and am in fact turning many options back to act more like they did on Snow Leopard. These are just some random (actually very random) notes from things I discovered.

  • I would strongly advise you to create a bootable DVD of the install. Do this once you download the installer, but before you apply it. Learn how to do it here
  • Have your serial numbers for software handy. Some software will treat it you like it's the first day of install and prompt you for serial numbers (Snapz Pro for example)
  • Try to be as up-to-date with everything before installing Lion. I had to update a number of apps (like my M$ intelligent mouse) because the version installed didn't seem to work once Lion was installed
  • Safari - They seem to have killed off the download window. I truly hate that!
  • "All my files" as the top item in the side menu. Why can't I access the HD from there? Learn how to get rid of it here
  • Where is the little icon to get the left side menu to appear in a window that has just a title bar? I understand it is called the Lozenge and the fix (though it's not really a fix) is here...and is also mentioned here
  • The last link also provided a fix for my mouse issues. I have an M$ mouse and the scrolling was reversed. I couldn't find the setting mentioned, so I had to plug in my Apple mouse to then untick the setting.
  • The link also provides a fix for disappearing sidebars.
  • I really don't like the way that 1Password now looks and behaves. The company say they might fix it in the future, but the changes don't seem welcome (check out the comments)
  • I was really impressed that when I logged into my Google Apps For Your Domain account, Safari asked me if I wanted to use that Gmail account with Mail, iCal and iChat. Very clever, but sadly it didn't work properly. It's probably because I don't have a Gmail account, but "Google Apps For Your Domain" Gmail account
  • Apple Mail can't import from Microsoft Outlook for the Mac...grrrr!!
  • iCal and the Address book - yuck! They look awful on a large iMac screen
  • I don't like the fact that the bottom of the Window doesn't have any real estate or the ability to tell you how much space you have left?
  • Ars Technica (yet again) do a superb review of Lion
  • Versions is very cool !!
  • A couple of glitches