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Other Joomla Websites

10 October 2010

The images below relate to a number of Joomla-base websites that I have built. Below that are some details about the sites and comments from some of the clients I developed the sites for.

  • Crank It Cycles
  • Crank It Cycles
  • Crank It Cycles
  • Ramze Demolition
  • Tastes of the UK
  • Tastes of the UK
  • Urban Magpie

Crank It Cycles (2009)

Crank It Cycles asked me migrate their existing Joomla-based website (that I had created) to the new, more advanced Joomla 1.5 version. Joomla v1.5 was a radical rewrite of the Joomla Content Management System and careful planning was needed to ensure a smooth migration of content, as well as those signed up to Crank It Cycles newsletter. The design used is a slight variation of the original design that the site first used.

Tastes of the UK (2008)

Tastes of the UK is great shop in Palmerston North selling food from the UK for home-sick Brits, kiwis who miss UK food from their OE or holidays, or just those wanting to sample some new treats. I was hired to develop a clean Joomla-based website to highlight the stock of the shop, allow users to subscribe to an electronic mailing list and more. Using a customised commercial template kept costs down and meant the site could be up and running quickly.

The priority in developing the Tastes of the UK website was to develop a site that could be easily maintained by the client, with little ongoing involvement by me. Once again, this keeps costs at a minimum for the client, whilst making sure the site remained functional and easy to use. I supplied full documentation and instructions on how the client could maintain and update the website.

Palmerston North Intermediate Normal (2007)

I provided a new look for PNINS and moved the school to the Joomla content management system. David Jopson, Principal of Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School, commented...

As a client of Philip's before I have always found him to be receptive to the clients needs and highly competent in achieving the desired outcomes as discussed.

You can read a detailed reference from David by clicking this link

Urban Magpie (2007)

I was hired to establish a web presence for Urban Magpie, a photography, design and art service focusing on original art and image printing. An easy to maintain Joomla based website was established, with a simple to use image gallery at its heart. Once again, costs were kept to a minimum with the use of open source software. I provided full support in establishing the site and provided written guides for ongoing use.

Crank It Cycles (2006)

Phil Etheridge is a very experienced IT consultant. But when he decided to establish a new cycle shop in Palmerston North with business partner John Lieswyn, he contracted me to create the core site and functionality whilst he and John worked on getting the shop ready. Employing a commercial design template, Crank It Cycles website featured a newsletter system, discussion forum and more.

Phil Etheridge, Director of Crank It Cycles, commented...

With's open source approach we have the best of all worlds: an easily extendible web site based on freely available software, with all the features provided by proprietary offerings and potentially many more...and we are not locked into the services of a single provider for updates, extensions or changes. We could maintain and update ourselves or even get someone else to do it, but we probably won't - Philip is professional, approachable, provides good advice, and has a 'can do' attitude. For all that, he provides an extremely cost effective service.

Ramze Demolition (2006)

From offering advice and support with registering a domain name, through establishing web hosting and email - the goal with Ramze Demolition was to design a simple, but effective site that the client could easily maintain without them having to pay unnecessary ongoing web maintenance costs.

Jason Ramsay, Owner of Ramze Demolition commented...

As someone with an expertise in demolition and not the Internet, Philip helped me by explaining the process he would carry out to set up my website in terms I could easily understand. His guidance in design, content and his ability to see my needs and understand the intended audience was exceptional. His approach to keeping costs low and the guides he has written on how I can maintain the site are just superb!