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Other Work

Office Mix

I began an 18-month contract with Te Rito Maioha Early Childhood New Zealand in August of 2014. Part of my role was to create a report outlining recommendations for the organisation to improve the delivery of its programmes from an eLearning perspective. The document as a whole was supported and endorsed by ECNZ's Senior Management Group and I was then tasked with then implementing my recommendations, which included the adoption of a presentation tool for asynchronous delivery.

That tool ended out to be Office Mix and here's some detail on how I introduced Mix into the organisation.

Multimedia Development

In 2005, The Department of Information Systems (now defunct) at Massey University contacted me and asked me to develop a Flash based presentation. The presentation was to be distributed on the web and via CD to inform prospective students about studying at Massey and studying Information Systems.

Game Development

Released in 1997, Monkey Shines by Fantasoft Software quickly become a well-loved shareware game on the Mac, receiving the Mac User "Nostalgic Game of the Year" award. Enjoyed because of its 'arcade' feel, side scrolling adventures, quirky music and exceptional graphics, it is a shame that the game wasn't updated for OS X.

Database Development

I'm an experienced FileMaker Pro user. I've created a number of databases for my own personal use, including an invoice system, but the most challenging system I built was a cross-platform (Mac and PC) networked FileMaker Pro membership system developed for the Massey University Recreation Centre.

Art Design

Below are some examples of artwork I have created. There is an example of a poster that I created for the Advanced Technology Teaching Research Unit that I ran at Massey University, as well as some banners that were used for Department websites within the College of Business, a design of page for an Information Systems course, as well as the design version of my personal home page (a previous version) before it was then converted and delivered as a Flash-based website.