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Storyline Media Manager

During my time using Storyline, Articulate implemented a superb new feature to the software – the Media Library. I'd suggest you watch the introductory video here. I was incredibly impressed with what they had done when the library first came out. The ability to see all your assets in one location, to easily swap or amend images (without having to visit slides) was superb…and the team asset library features make it even more powerful. But they weren't done!

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At the time of writing, I am over 10 months into an Instructional Design contract with a major New Zealand Government department (Accident Compensation Corporation) in a role that was heavily focused for the first 6 months on using Articulate Storyline to develop eLearning modules for use in their Totara LMS. I was hired despite the fact that I had never used Articulate before - something the people hiring me were aware of and not concerned about, given my background and experience.