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Adobe Connect - Case Study

12 October 2010

The work that I did at Massey University bringing the Adobe Connect web-conferencing system into the University and how we were using it was featured as an Adobe Case Study on their website. I asked Dr Craig Prichard to be involved in the case study also. It was an interesting experiences even just getting the document written up (in terms of the various people we had to deal with) and it's been great to see a link to this case study feature in a few of Adobe's printed brochures.

Adobe Case Study

Click here for a PDF version of the Case Study

Click here to view a sample Adobe Presenter presentation that I made for staff,
explaining the differences between Adobe Connect and Adobe Presenter
Please note - This presentation was created in 2008 using the version of Adobe Presenter available then. The version you can access
here is an HTML5 version, exported from Adobe Presenter 11, in 2017 without any changes to the presentation.