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Apple Store - Covent Garden 2010

10 October 2010

I was very very impressed with the Covent Garden Apple Store in London (so much so that I forgot to take any photos of my visit to the Regent Street store) but one of the reasons was because it was so quiet.

Contrast this with the Regent Street store which is now almost so busy it feels uncomfortable, and I was amazed. Covent Garden at 11am on a Thursday was reasonably busy, but the Apple Store felt like it was just getting set up for the day.

Whilst the store looks amazing, the training area is placed in a poor location within the store. Visually it is a superb spot, but with the store doors open and street noise outside (including jackhammers) you couldn't hear the people presenting at all. I feel they need to move their training area away from having such a central focus. The focus was great, but the delivery meant you couldn't hear or lost attention because of the environment (just look at how many people are not paying attention to the presenter).